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Add: Huangyan Xinqian Mould City, Taizhou, Zhejiang   Tel: 0576-84226730

Add: Huangyan Xinqian Mould City, Taizhou, Zhejiang
Tel: 0576-84226730
Contacts:Wang Yi (Manager)
MB: 13058740997
QQ: 1178660204

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Company profile

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Huanyu always specializes in designing and producing of plastic injection molding and blow molding moulds, including PVC-U, PP-R, PE, ABS water supply pipe moulds, drainage pipe mould, electric melt pipe mould, plastic valve and fittings, electric insulation bushing and fittings, as well as R&D and production of various plastic commodity moulds, rice transplanting machine moulds and products.
  It is located at Huangyan, “the hometown of mould” in China, cooperates with the colleagues in the industry, carries out quality promise, pursues perfection and excellence, and has established long-term partnership with large enterprises at home and abroad. The products have won a good reputation among customers!
  Meanwhile, it can produce hydraulic oil cylinders for rotation of pulling core and model core on the mould.
  Credit First! Huanyu looks forward to creating a bright future with you!